Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy New Year! by now you know how its going to go with those New Year's Resolutions or revelations or wishful thoughts or maybe you have already lost 10 pounds!! I mean who doesn't resolve to eat healthy, work out, lose weight, oh blah blah blah!!
Well I am excited because I just finished my entry for Southern Accents and its signed, sealed and delivered. If you are anything like me, you have a tizzy fit when it comes time to get that artist's statement ready to go and have mercy on me, getting that perfect photo... so its done now! for good or evil! Oh, maybe I am not supposed to admit this!
Seriously, there are a lot of great shows coming up. Southern Accents is open to TN and to all of us in the southeastern region and the deadline is coming up fast, its Thursday, January 15. The only reason I am not my usual 11th hour self is because I am going to a Flywheeler event and will be without technology for a week. More shows include Wild Fabrications with a deadline at the end of this month, PAQA South on February 20, Balancing Act on February 28 (this is a big SAQA show open to all) and Sacred Threads due March 9. And here is a tip on a show that is not listed on SAQA, if you are a member of DAR they have a big show coming up with textiles having a deadline of February 1 and other arts and crafts deadlining on February 15. You can read all about it on their website, and if you cannot find it email me and I will help.
Let's have another great artist review like the one on Jane Burch Cochran. Please send me your info or pictures of some of your current work and we can all inspire each other.
Blessings on 2015 and all of you!
Sharon Buck