Saturday, July 23, 2016

Check Out Some of the Websites Our Members Have!

Lots of SAQA members have their own website and blogs where they share their thoughts, works in progress, successes and failures. Its fun to read about what they are doing. Here are a few from our region that you might enjoy checking out!

Here is one of Jane's works, "Shroud for a Colorful Soul."

Look at Nysha's great site:

He is doing fascinating work with zentangles and trapunto!
Here is Shelly Zegart's great website:
She is a passionate collector of quilts and has so many amazing accomplishments, you will just have to go to the website to see them all.
You are invited to visit my website anytime too, I love to hear from you!
Write me about your website and I will publish it here next!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Regional Show Dialogues with Marie Webster

Images from Dialogues exhibition at IMA
SAQA members from 8 Midwestern states are included in this juried exhibition coordinated by Kate Lenkowsky. Artists were invited to submit work that is inspired by and responds to the early 20th century quilts designed and made by Indiana native, Marie Daugherty Webster (1859-1956). Niloo Paydar, Curator of Textiles and Fashion Arts at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, was the juror for this exhibition, organized in conjunction with the IMA's exhibition of "A Joy Forever: Marie Webster Quilts." 
The exhibition opening also included a panel discussion "When Artists Step Out of Their Comfort Zone", moderated by Gail Gayer Hail. Panelists included SAQA members (l-r):  Pamela Burns – Indiana; Terry Pate – Indiana;  Barbara J. Schneider – Illinois; Kathleen Loomis – Kentucky. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

2016 Benefit Auction

I love the Benefit Auction! I wish I had unlimited funds and unlimited wall space, I would buy a bunch of the quilts and display them. Look at my "show" from the Benefit quilts on my blog at

Just wanted to share a couple of my favorites with you here:

Why don't you pick out your own favorites? Or better yet, you still have time to create that little masterpiece and send it in!  I'll be watching for it!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Necktie Quilts Reinvented by Christine Copenhaver

I was having an interesting email discussion with one of our members in TN, Christine Copenhaver. We were discussing the Marie Webster quilt challenge and how we went about answering it. She casually wrote something about her book that she had recently published and went on to tell me more about travel plans, etc. Whoa, your book? I was so excited when I looked it up on Its entitled, Necktie Quilts Reinvented and it is so innovative. I have a terrible problem getting rid of a necktie, they are so beautiful and silky. And now I have a copy of the book!

Let me tell you a little about it. Christine elevates necktie quilts to a place where you have something you can really be proud of.. There are 16 projects in the book and it includes lap quilts, wallhangings, runners, a table topper and a pillow. She covers cleaning the ties, how to cut them the easy way with no templates, and how to stabilize slippery fabrics so that rotary cutting is easy. She has the projects classified as to skill level also. I love her explanations, they are simple and straight forward and really outline what to do. Check it out for yourself!

Write me with your happenings too. We love to know what all of KY and TN are doing in the art quilt world!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

New Book from one of Our Own KY-TN Region SAQA Members:

I put out a call for what you all are doing, even asking about books and articles you may have written, and Kathy Loomis wrote me back, "Well I have a book!" I was so thrilled! Kathy is always busy and does fantastic work. This is a breakout book that takes us away from the bondage of a traditional pattern and lets us work pattern free. Here is some information about it from Amazon's createspace and also a link to purchase it if you are interested.


Make one-of-a-kind quilts without a pattern!
Break free from cookie-cutter designs! Quilt artist Kathleen Loomis walks you step by step through the process of creating a truly original quilt from scratch. With Pattern-Free Quilts, You'll learn how to:
* Choose colors and fabrics with confidence
* Sew first, plan second
* Hone your eye for design
* Improvise without fear
Start by sewing simple rail-fence blocks, then unleash your inner artist! With this versatile method, you can create:
* Quilts of any size
* Super simple beginner projects to intricately complex art quilts
* New quilts from the fabric in your stash
The book's gallery includes 26 photos of finished quilts to inspire you. Copy and paste this link to see inside the book and read reviews:
Kathleen Loomis, whose quilts appear in national exhibits, bring warmth to beds and welcome new babies, believes that designing is the most joyous part of quilt making. With Pattern-Free Quilts, Kathy inspires every quilter, from novice to expert, to dare to design.

Remember we want to see what you are working on! Send me some pictures!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Look at the Sky for Inspiration!!

Just wanted to share these awe inspiring clouds - they look so textile!!!!!!!!

Also this old quilt top displayed at a swap meet. The vendor added a frame with chicken wire stretched within and a vintage photo clipped in it. Wild!

Well January is more than half way gone and we have lots of events coming up. The auction at the 2016 Conference in Philadelphia is one we can all participate in, even if we are not there! Make an art quilt, just 6 x 8" and donate it for the SAQA conference... in fact in the words of SAQA:

The Inspire - Connect - Engage (ICE) Spotlight Auction is an opportunity for all SAQA members to have their work showcased at the 2016 SAQA Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
We are looking for pieces 6” x 8” (portrait or landscape orientation), which we will display in mats with a 4.5" x 6.5” opening and place in clear cellophane sleeves. These pieces will be sold through a silent auction at the Conference Banquet. All proceeds of the sales will benefit SAQA's exhibition programs. Please note that unsold pieces will not be returned.
This size of artwork can be quick to make, showcasing your voice and raising funds for the organization which helps us all. Plus, it’s your opportunity to collect work made by fellow SAQA members. What a win-win!

​Notice that the mat is going to fit over a part of the work, so the featured quilting you need to do is even smaller than 6x8. So easy, yet you will be exhibited in Pennsylvania! I'm going to do it! just follow this link to see how to get started and register:

And lets all make some ATC's, artist trading cards. In case you missed the newsletter about that, its an inspirational thing and a sharing thing that will help us meet the members in our area. The cards are all little, 2.5x3.5 like a business card, and then we can share them or just photo them and get some new inspirations. Like tiny art quilts! I already have some coming in! Its very informal, contact me if you want to mail one or send me a pix of what you are working on!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!!!
Its 2016!!!

Just wanted to share the ATC's I mentioned in my last post. I made mine the really easy way, by taking a piece of sample work and cutting it up into business sized cards, finished the edges, added some embellishments and signing the back.

The ones I got in trade were a fabulous sampling of styles, some were all fabric, others were paper and some were mixed media.

I have heard from one person so far that would like to trade some ATC's. Anyone else interested? Let's get some things going in TN and KY in 2016!

Sharon Buck